Kaufman Music Center

Early Childhood


Preschool music classes and dance classes at Lucy Moses School are friendly, full of laughter and discovery.

By providing early childhood developmentally appropriate music and dance experiences for young children and their families, we facilitate the musical growth of every child through listening, singing, movement games, dances. These experiences lay the groundwork for continued study and provide a source for lifelong enjoyment of music and dance.

Creative Dance

Children work together to develop dance technique and explore choreographic ideas. Age-appropriate vocabulary from ballet and modern styles is used alongside children’s own natural movements to promote a love of movement and creative expression.


Emile Jaques-Dalcroze was a Swiss musician who believed that rhythm is the primary element of music. Dalcroze classes offer a hands-on approach to music theory in which children explore musical concepts such as meter, tempo, phrase, form and dynamics through rhythm games, creative movement, songs, stories, ear training, sight-singing and improvisation.

Hop, Skip and dance

A lively introduction to creative movement for boys and girls with their caregivers. Captivating music from western and multicultural traditions, rhythmic games, songs and stories help children explore dance as a tool for self-expression. Warm-ups enhance coordination and flexibility while group activities allow children and their adult partners to dance and play together.

Music for Toddlers

Sing, move and play percussion instruments while learning new songs, meeting new friends and sharing the joy of music. This class introduces the basic elements of music (beat, rhythm, tempo, dynamics, pitch, etc.) through movement games, stories, and songs that help lay the musical foundation for future study of an instrument.

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