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Songwriting Program

Songwriting is a contemporary artist workshop that develops young songwriters and performing artists, taking notes from the best of Top 40, Broadway, international trends and popular music from recent decades. Started by Adrianna Mateo in 2018, the program builds on three intertwined artistic aspects: songcraft (how to write a song), performance art (stage presence) and aesthetic (musical and visual style). Songwriters at all levels, including complete beginners and instrumentalists who have never written a song, are welcome. Face the Music offers both Songwriting Lessons (year-round) and Songwriting Master Class (seasonal).


Songwriting Lessons provide young songwriters with unparalleled one-on-one attention needed to transform a single idea into a full-length original song. Select songwriters are invited to perform at venues like Roulette, National Sawdust and Merkin Hall. All songwriters are given the opportunity to perform their work. Topics covered during lessons include:

  • Songcraft: How to write a song (watch a mini-lesson sample here)
  • Chord voicings
  • Vocal technique
  • Performance Art: Stage Presence
  • Audience Communication
  • Microphone technique
  • Aesthetic: Musical and Visual Style
  • PRO registration and royalties

Individual Lessons are offered in eight-week Cycles: Fall, Winter, and Spring. In each Cycle students receive eight, 40-minute private lessons on Sundays. Additionally, each Cycle includes an opening group class for Composers and Songwriters as well as a concluding Composers and Songwriters Showcase event. 


Songwriting Workshop is an accelerated masterclass learning series geared toward our more committed songwriters. This program brings young artists and active industry professionals together in a hybrid performance-lesson course: student songwriters perform their work in front of a live audience and receive mentoring from Adrianna Mateo in tandem with visiting guest artists, ending with a Q&A. Recent guest artists include:

  • Lynzy Lab (Jimmy Kimmel, Vanity Fair, Washington Post)
  • Raye Zaragoza (Billboard, SXSW, Popmatters, Paste Magazine)
  • Nathalie Joachim (Grammy-nominated solo artist, New Amsterdam Records)
  • Andre Catrini (Dramatists Guild, BMI-Lehman Engel Advanced Musical Theatre Workshop)
  • Redddaz (Jamie Foxx)

Songwriters who enroll in the Workshop are highly advised to register for lessons in order to perform in the masterclass setting. Contact Face the Music at for more information and to enroll in Songwriting programs.

Adrianna Mateo (New Amsterdam Records) is a solo violinist, alt-pop singer-songwriter, actress, and Face the Music coach. For more information on Songwriting Master Class and the philosophy behind it, check out Adrianna’s Kaufman Music Center interview.