Applications open soon.

The Advanced Performance Practice Ensemble requires a live audition.

The Repertory Ensembles are open to any level of player, but we ask for an audition video to aid with placements.

Advance Performance Ensemble live audition requirements:

  • One piece of standard classical repertoire (could be a movement of a sonata or concerto or some other short piece)
  • Sight reading – this might include any or all of the following: excerpts from contemporary chamber or solo repertoire, rhythmic sight singing (e.g. something from Robert Starer’s “Rhythmic training”). 
  • Optional: something that demonstrates ability to improvise, i.e. either a solo over a jazz tune of some sort or other structured improvisation 

*Percussionists should have two short pieces, one for drum set and one for any mallet instrument

*If bassists have electric bass as a doubling skill, they should present one piece on double bass and one piece on electric bass. 

Repertory Ensemble video audition requirements:
These are for PLACEMENT purposes only! We accept all players for this ensemble and group them according to age and skill level.

  • One short solo piece that demonstrates ability to read music
  • One scale (any of your choosing), two octaves if possible
  • Optional improvisation (i.e. a solo over chord changes or a song)

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