Musical Storefronts

2022 Musical Storefronts

From January 21-April 28, 2021, Kaufman Music Center presented musical storefronts in Partnership with the Alphadyne Foundation, bringing live music back to New York City at a time when it seemed impossible.


The popup concert series delighted audiences and provided employment to artists severely impacted by the pandemic at a time when we all badly needed the joy and sense of connection and community that only live music can provide.

Musical Storefronts in the news!
The series struck a nerve with both audiences and the media, and was covered by news outlets from 17 countries. The Lincoln Square BID and first noted the series, quickly followed by WABC, WNBC, WCBSReutersForbes, The New YorkerThe Wall Street JournalYahoo News and The New York Times. The Violin Channel announced the series and also ran an interview with Kaufman Music Center Executive Director Kate Sheeran and Alphadyne Foundation Adviser Jay Dweck. Musical Storefronts has attracted international attention with stories broadcast by the BBC, Al Jazeera, ZDF German TVRAI – Italian National Television, Channel One Russia, France 24, Brazil's TV Globo, Mexico's Televisa, Korean Broadcasting System and Voice of AmericaThe Strad, Tokyo Shimbun and NY Japion. On March 29, Kate Sheeran appeared on the Kelly Clarkson Show to discuss the Musical Storefronts series and the importance of live music. The New York Times recognized the Alphadyne Foundation for their generous grants to arts organizations during the pandemic, which helped make Musical Storefronts possible and assisted artists severely impacted by the COVID-19 crisis

"It’s so nice to be able to see the audience, and see their joy. It’s infectious. There’s a lot of healing and hope in music, and unity. Right now with all the isolation and everything that’s going on in the world, I feel like we need a lot more community, we need more to bring us together, and music is a great vehicle and language to do that."  – Chrystal E. Williams, mezzo soprano and Musical Storefronts performer

Musical Storefronts provided work to artists severely impacted by the cancellation of live performances in a format that took into account all necessary health and safety measures for both artists and audiences.

Thank you to Milstein Properties for generously donating the performance space that made this concert series possible. Special thanks to Jay Dweck, Steinway & Sons, the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District and Breads Bakery.


While we weren't able to announce the artists in advance in order to control crowd size and maintain social distancing, we hope you'll check out the list below and click through to learn more about the artists and the music they performed!

Musical Storefronts Performances


21 & 22  Sean Lee, violin
24  Matthew Lipman, viola & Yi-Fang Huang, piano
26  Chrystal E. Williams, mezzo-soprano & Felipe Hostins, accordion
26 & 27  Bernie Tamosaitis, cello, Sayuri Iida, piano & Alexis Tomasaitis, piano
27  JACK Quartet: Christopher Otto & Austin Wulliman, violin; John Pickford Richards, viola & Jay Campbell, cello
29 & 30  Kobi Malkin violin & Renana Gutman, piano
30 & 31  Molly Carr, viola & Anna Petrova, piano


2  String Noise: Conrad Harris & Pauline Kim Harris, violin
2 & 4  Emily Smith, violin; Melissa Reardon, viola & Jia Kim, cello
3  Gil Shaham, violin & Adele Anthony, violin
3 & 4  Charles Yang, violin & Peter Dugan, piano
5  Wilderness Quartet: Rebecca Eckfeld, violin; William Eckfeld, piano; Steven Miller, clarinet & Carole Tilson, cello
5  big dog little dog: Jessie Montgomery, violin & Eleonore Oppenheim, bass
6  Darius Jones, saxophone & Matthew Shipp, piano
9  Conrad Harris, violin & Stephen Gossling, piano
9  Warp Trio: Josh Henderson, violin & viola; Ju-Young Lee, cello; Mikael Darmanie, piano; Rick Martinez, percussion
10  James Ilgenfritz, double bass
10  Wet Ink Ensemble: Alex Mincek, Eric Wubbels, Erin Lesser, Ian Antonio, Josh Modney, Kate Soper, Mariel Roberts & Sam Pluta
11  Margaret Lancaster, flute
11  gamin
12  Clarice Jensen, cello
12  Joseph Kubera, piano 
13  Bearthoven: Karl Larson, piano; Pat Swoboda, bass & Matt Evans, percussion
13  PUBLIQuartet: Curtis Stewart & Jannina Norpoth, violin; Nick Revel, viola & Hamilton Berry, cello
14  Pauline Kim Harris, violin
14  Holland Andrews, voice and clarinet
17  Michelle Ross, violin & Amy Yang, piano
19  Lisa Bielawa, piano & voice; Rebecca Fischer, violin & voice; Oriana Hawley, viola & voice & Ilaria Hawley, flute
20  Jesse Mills, violin & Rieko Aizawa, piano
20  Andie Tanning, violin
21  Keiko Tokunaga, violin & Mika Sasaki, piano
21  Caroline Shaw, violin & Orli Shaham, piano
24  Matt Doyle, vocals & Will Van Dyke, piano
24  Gabrielle Stravelli, vocals; Art Hirahara, piano & Pat O'Leary, bass
25  Jeff Kready, vocals & Dan Pardo, piano
26  Attacca Quartet: Amy Schroeder & Domenic Salerni, violin; Nathan Schram, viola & Andrew Yee, cello
26  Adam Tendler, piano
27  Adam Marks, piano
27  Michael Kelly, baritone & Brad Moore, piano


2  Rubén Rengel, violin & Ahmed Alom, piano
2  Sophia Bacelar, cello & Noreen Cassidy-Polera, piano
3  Brad Bosenbeck, violin; Monica Gerard, viola & Bernie Tamosaitis, cello
3  Conrad Tao, piano
4  Timo Andres, piano
4  Michael Kuhn, tenor & Thomas Weaver, piano
5  Jordan Bak, viola & Wynona Wang, piano
5  Kamala Sankaram, soprano and accordion & Drew Fleming, guitar
7  Randall Goosby, violin & Zhu Wang, piano
7  Terrence Wilson, piano
10  Tamar Greene, tenor & Dan Micciche, piano
12  Blythe Gaissert, mezzo-soprano & Bénédicte Jourdois, piano
25  Michael Katz, cello & Spencer Myer, piano 
25  Darian Donovan Thomas, violin and electronics
28  Brooklyn Raga Massive: Neel Murgai, sitar, overtone singing, percussion, looping & Aaron Shragge, trumpet, shakuhachi, looping & electronics
28  Daniel Khalikov, violin & Milan Milisavljević, viola
30  Eric Silberger, violin
30  Stella Chen, violin & Jinhee Park, piano
31  Monica K. Davis, violin
31  Michelle Jennings, actor-singer & Tom Jennings, piano


1  Aakash Mittal, saxophone, flute, clarinet; Shurmila Dhar, vocals; Joey Chang, piano; Kwami Coleman, piano & Vijay Iyer, piano
1  Laquita Mitchell, soprano & Myra Huang, piano
2  Xavier Foley, double bass & Kelly Yu-Chieh Lin, piano
2  Anthony de Mare, piano
6  Roni Ben-Hur, guitar; Harvie S, bass & Victor Lewis, drums
7  Michael Winther, vocals; Joseph Thalken, piano & Art Hirahara, piano
8  Rohan De Silva, piano & Kevin Zhu, violin
9  Mazz Swift, violin & Levy Lorenzo, electronics
9  Farah Alvin, vocalist & Michael Holland, piano and guitar
10  Doori Na, violin & Joseph Lee, piano
10  Harlem Quartet: Ilmar Gavilán & Melissa White, violin; Jaime Amador, viola & Felix Umansky, cello
11  Seth Parker Woods, cello and electronics
11  Karim Sulayman, tenor & Yi-heng Yang, piano
13  Ulysses Quartet: Christina Bouey & Rhiannon Banerdt, violin; Colin Brookes, viola & Grace Ho, cello
14  Phyllis Chen, piano
14  Rohan De Silva, piano & Nathan Meltzer, violin
15  Tango Distinto: Rodolfo Zanetti, bandoneón; Ahmed Alom, piano; Pedro Giraudo, bass & Achilles Liarmakopoulos, trombone
15  Overlook Quartet: Monica K. Davis & Adda Kridler, violin; Angela Pickett, viola & Laura Metcalf, cello
16  Jonathan Woody, bass-baritone; Margaret Carpenter Haigh, soprano; Adam Young, viola da gamba & Daniel Swenberg, theorbo
16  Trevor New, viola and electronics
17  Sidney Outlaw, baritone & Warren Jones, piano
17  Isaiah J. Thompson, piano; Phillip Norris, bass; TJ Reddick, percussion; Zoe Obadia, saxophone & Felix Moseholm, bass
18  Javier Arau, saxophone; Carmen Staaf, piano; Giacomo Tagliavia, bass & Jonathan Mele, drums/percussion
20  Gabriel Cabezas, cello & Benjamin Beilman, violin
20  Max Tan, violin & Mackenzie Melemed, piano
21  Sterling  Elliot, cello & Luis Ortiz, piano
21  Gabriel Martins, cello
22  Dashon Burton, bass-baritone; Lindsay Garritson, piano & Jonathan Suter, guitar
22  Anthony Trionfo, flute & Albert Cano Smit, piano
23  Kathleen Supové, piano and electronics
23  Allison Loggins Hull, flute & Amanda Gookin, cello
24  Britton-René Collins, percussion  
24  David Robertson, guitar & Steve Mackey, guitar
25  Rachell Ellen Wong, violin & Andrew Gonzalez, viola
25  Nico Olarte-Hayes, cello & Yi Qun Xu, cello
27  Mariella Haubs, violin & Khari Joyner, cello
27  Adrienne Danrich, soprano & Mila Henry, piano
28  People of Earth: Ivan Llanes, lead vocals and percussion; Gabriel-Globus Hoenich, percussion; Malec Heermans, trombone & Ahmed Alon, piano
28  Briana Elyse Hunter, mezzo-soprano & Eric Sedgwick, piano

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