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Students & Parents Share Their Experience with Online Lessons & Classes

Are you wondering what it’s like to take music, dance & theater classes online? Here’s what some of our parents and adult students are saying.

"My daughter has benefited greatly from her online horn lessons these past six months. Her wonderful teacher has turned an unexpected chain of events into a wonderful learning experience and has maintained the momentum, resulting in a big improvement in her playing.”

“The online program has been great for my daughter. This way she is able to participate in your program from across the country.”

“My child was able to apply the skills she learned online. I was very satisfied with the class.”

“Online instruction is great for those of us whom are no longer in NYC, but still want to take classes.”

"I am over 60 and live with an immuno-compromised person. Online lessons have been wonderful. I'm not sure when I'll be ready to return in person but I will continue studying through Lucy Moses School as long as online option is available."

"My instructor is amazing, and I will absolutely stay with her whatever the format. Thanks so much. I love the program."

"My son had a great experience with lessons during the spring. He found the lessons to be helpful, easy to schedule and very convenient since it saved him traveling time. He didn’t have any issue with virtual lessons and found a rhythm that he and his teacher both enjoyed."

"My son's teachers quickly moved to live lessons, and his experience was as close as possible to the real class experience. We had stories, children acting and singing, children playing music instruments that they had at home, musicians guest speakers sharing their love of various music instruments and teaching the children some basics about those. My five-year-old son was not only able to get live feedback from the teachers, but also see his fellow students singing, acting and playing instruments together with him. This is a great chance to stay connected to beloved teachers and classes."

"When I first signed up for this summer's Dalcroze Intensive online, I was hesitant. How could this possibly work? How can we create and learn from each other in a class that is designed for experience, group music making/learning and community? How can I do all that I know Dalcroze requires of me with the limitations of my small NYC apartment and with neighbors hearing it all? As class progressed, I began to see these perceived limitations as strengths. I found online learning to unlock something new in me. My self consciousness dissolved. I allowed myself to go deeper inside the work than I had before. I allowed myself to make grand mistakes in the safety of my own home that I could learn from. I met people for the first time online. I have continued to take Eurhythmics online after the Summer Intensive and I have found it to be my happy place – it is my self care during this weird time. It is something that I do to connect to my deeper musical self each week. Yes, it feels different than it feels in person, but it is no less wonderful. Different is good and we are growing and adapting!"


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