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The Dalcroze School at Lucy Moses School offers a unique and comprehensive musical training. Its core subjects are Eurhythmics, the study of rhythm; Solfége, ear training and musical literacy; Improvisation, spontaneous musical expression at the piano. Pedagogy coursework is also available. Lucy Moses School’s Birnbaum Music Library offers a large collection of Dalcroze materials. Read more about Dalcroze.

Lucy Moses School is proud of our long history of Dalcroze teacher training.  Faculty include Michael Joviala (Diplôme Supèrieur), Cynthia Lilley (License), and Leslie Upchurch (License). Certification is available at the Certificate and License levels, but you do not need to work toward certification to enroll in Dalcroze classes. Music students, teachers, actors, dancers and many others have all benefitted from Dalcroze training. Thought of as avant-garde at the time of its invention in the early 20th century by the Swiss musician Émile Jaques-Dalcroze, Dalcroze eurhythmics has influenced the fields of music, dance, theater, therapy and education for more than a century.

The Lucy Moses School offers full Dalcroze Certification. The program is accredited by the Dalcroze Society of America. Candidates for Dalcroze certification must pass 3 levels of personal examinations in the areas of eurhythmics, solfege and improvisation, and also participate in juried teaching examinations and the submit written materials as part of the study of Dalcroze Pedagogy. For more information about Dalcroze Certification, click here.

At the Dalcroze Summer Institute all courses will be offered in two separate tracks, Certificate Track and Open Level. Open Level classes are suitable for those who have not yet completed a full semester of Dalcroze study, or for those with any amount of Dalcroze experience who are not preparing for examinations. Depending on enrollment and the amount of student experience, Open Level classes may be appropriate for those preparing for Level 1 examinations. Certificate Track courses are intended for those seeking certification and credentials in Dalcroze education. Certificate Track classes may also be appropriate for those with significant Dalcroze experience but who do not intend to take examinations. Students in the summer program may be partly enrolled in Open Level courses and Certificate Track courses simultaneously depending on their interest and level of experience. Please note that students intending to take exams at the end of the Summer Institute must be present for the entire two weeks in-person.

If you’re not sure about which class is best for you, program director Michal Joviala is happy to advise on course selection.

For seniors, Dalcroze can improve balance and reduce the risk of falling. Click here to learn more.

"I've learned how to create a musical environment - for myself and my students"  - Dalcroze Pedagogy Student

"It was a great experience for me! My body became my instrument"  - Dalcroze Summer Intensive Student


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