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Music Speaks: Ohrwurm – Tabea Debus, recorder & Alon Sariel, lute

Tuesday | April 5 2022 | 7:30 pm


Works by Heinrich Biber, John Dowland, J.S. Bach, Georg PhilippTelemann and Joan Rokus van Roosendael

“A romp through catchy tunes from the 14th century all the way through to contemporary solo recorder pieces.'  – BBC Radio 3

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Described by The Times as a charismatic virtuoso, recorder player Tabea Debus is constantly exploring the horizons of music for recorder and has performed widely across Europe, Asia, Colombia and the USA. Ohrwurm explores how tunes and dances wormed their way into many aspects of music-making in 17th and 18th-century Europe – and, in traversing the centuries, contemporary compositions testify to the earworm’s secured place in modern life.

In memory of Theodore Hepp

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