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String Quartets

String Quartets

This is an intensive program of Face the Music that provides each student individualized performance training and intimate ensemble experience within a String Quartet. Students receive more attention from Coaches and gain insights into the essential musical, interpersonal, and creative skills required in the modern musical landscape of professional new-music string quartets. String Quartets meet for 2 hours of rehearsal weekly on Face the Music days.

String Quartet Membership: Violinists, Violists, and Cellists are encouraged to apply and audition for a String Quartet Membership in Face the Music. Students with this Membership may choose to participate in a Large Ensemble such as Chamber Orchestra in addition to their quartet for the duration of a year or for a specific performance opportunity at no additional cost to their membership tuition. Year-Long tuition is $1100. Students who are Special Music School High School Students will receive a 25% discount.

Thanks to generous supporters, Face the Music Memberships are highly subsidized for all students. We are grateful to our individual, foundation, and public partners for helping us offer tuition costs that are significantly lower than comparable youth music programs.


Face the Music is Kaufman Music Center's contemporary music program for teens ages 12-18. Interested students are invited to apply to audition beginning May 10, 2021 Online Here. For info, email or call 929 265 8412. Do you know teen musicians who may be interested? Download a flyer HERE.