Listen Different

For the 2023-24 season campaign at Kaufman Music Center, we spent time thinking deeply about the act of listening. Hearing is continuous, automatic, but when we take a moment to listen, we process, question, reflect and engage. The difference is profound, and it also gets to the heart of what makes our programs at Kaufman Music Center so unique. It’s much more than just the intimate size and famously excellent acoustics of our concert space, Merkin Hall. It’s that we offer a way to experience a direct connection, a true dialogue, between the audience and the extraordinary performers that appear on our stage.

This kind of dialogue takes place across our entire institution – from performances featuring world-renowned artists, and trailblazing performers and composers who are shaping the future of music alongside exceptional young musicians, to our students who learn from, create with, and are mentored by some of the most inspiring artists working today. This has always been in our DNA at Kaufman.

Our 2023-24 season campaign, Listen Different, is an invitation to experience music in a unique and transformative way. The new season’s visual concept draws inspiration from vibration resonance patterns, and pairs a brilliant new color palette with an eclectic typeface to produce original kaleidoscopic graphics that evoke a sense of motion and capture the feeling of listening to music.

Listen Different at Kaufman.

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