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What Makes it Great?

Listen to iconic masterpieces with new ears as NPR & PBS music commentator, conductor, composer, author and pianist Rob Kapilow shows you what you've been missing!

Relive programs from the 2018-19 season on WWFM: 
Dvořák's "American Quartet" with the Aeolus String Quartet
Mozart's "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"

"Not since Leonard Bernstein has classical music had a combination salesman-teacher as irresistible as Rob Kapilow. He's as lively as a top-flight sports announcer and as entertaining as a stand-up comedian. But he’s also got substance in spades.”
                                                                                  - Kansas City Star

"Rob Kapilow is the best presenter of classical music appreciation around today."
                                                  -  The San Francisco Daily Journal

Characterized by his unique ability to create an “aha” moment for his audiences and collaborators, whatever their level of musical sophistication, Kapilow’s work brings music into people’s lives, opening new ears to musical experiences and helping people to listen actively rather than just hear. Rob Kapilow reveals the origins of What Makes It Great?

These performances are recorded for future broadcast by WWFM.