Face the Music is a program dedicated to preparing students ages 12-18 to be well rounded 21st century musicians and thinkers. We believe that in a world that is increasingly specialized, we need skilled generalists. We train young musicians to become seasoned improvisers who are not limited by style or genre, to trust and develop their own compositional voices whether or not they think of themselves as capital C “Composers,” and to develop the technical skills to approach any kind of music they might encounter with enthusiasm and curiosity, but also with confidence.

Face the Music is a place where students don’t just encounter the music of today but embody it, speak it fluently, and feel comfortable bridging the gaps between genres and musical traditions. As an added bonus, our students get to play side-by-side with, and have their music performed by, some of New York’s most exciting professionals, as well as Kaufman Music Center’s Artists-in-Residence. They also get a chance to experience what life as a working musician is like, playing at some of the city’s mainstay music venues and interacting with the larger community at free public concerts.

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